St Teresas Karate Club

 St Teresa's Youth Club


Beginners 7.00 - 8.00pm (From 5 years up)

Advanced 8.00 - 9.00pm


Congratulations to everybody who competed in the 2018 super student contest

Well Done


1st Seniors Maia Campbell


1st Juniors David McGinley


Student(s) of the Year

The Carew family

Well done to all of  St Teresa’ youth centre members who competed and

Won medals at The Irish national Wado Karate Competition at the weekend.


Ethan Mc Erlean

Eoin Meehan

David Mc Ginley

Matthew M Ginley

Joshua Mc Ginley

Samuel Mc Ginley

Jacob Mc Ginley

Erinn Mc Call

Caoimhin Mc Call

John Carew

Cassie Carew

Cesar Miralles

Steffi Crisby

Lucy Murtagh

Maiam campbell

Congratulations to everybody who competed in the

2017 super student contest


Winners Maia Campbell-Student of the Year


Max Todd, Erin Crisby –outstanding effort


Super student – Senior-,  Saorla Sweeney,  Junior Cassie Carew

Well done to our recent medal winners at the Irish National Wado Championships

Olan Sweeney 

Maia Campbell                 

Catherine Roderick        

Eoin Meehan

Saorla Sweeney               

Lucy Murtagh             

We  held our 2016 Super student 1st Juniors   Catherine Broderick   Seniors 1st Maia Campbell


Steffi Crisby was awarded student of the Year 2016

Well done to Catherine Broderick runner up in the N.Ireland Open Karate championships!!!

St Teresa’s karate club recently held it’s annual super student and awards night based in St Teresa’s Youth Centre
On the glen road the award winning club specialises in kids karate (5yrs up) classes  on Thursday nights.

Karate super student 2015  

Winner - Junior Joseph Broderick

Winner Senior Maia campbell

Outstanding effort Steffi Crisby

Student of the year Lucy Murtagh

Winners of Super Student 2014

 Stephen, Meabh, Outstanding effort - Ethan and Student of the year! : Lucy

The Karate kids show of their medals from the super student contest 

Front row Winner of advanced class super student 2013 Niall Fallon along with beginner’s winner Odhran O’Hara

Back row winners of  “student of the year” Joint winners The Maguire Family Declan, Donal and Dad Dermot pictured with

Sensei Kevin Campbell 3rd dan 

 Outstanding effort -Lucy Murtagh

Left to Right: Niall Fallon, Dylan Kelly show of their Super Student trophies,  Meabh Fennell was awarded Student of the year pictured with Sensei Kevin Campbell 3rd dan.


Some of the Juniors who competed proudly show off their medals, St Teresa’s Karate Club is a member of UKASKO Karate all Grades and awards are nationally recognized. 

Congratulations to Meabh Fennel who was named as Student of the year 2011 !

 Congratulations to Meabh Fennel who was named as Student of the year 2011 !

 Congratulations to our new black belts Fionntan Dempsey 1st Dan and Connor Kerr (1st Dan) also Jim Allison (2nd Dan) who were awarded their Dan Grades by Sensei Kevin Barlow (7th Dan) and Neil Kenyon (4th Dan) - UKASKO.

About us...

St Teresa's Karate club is based in a friendly and local enviroment.

Everyone is welcome to join, from aged 5 upwards.

Parents can watch their children or leave them safely in our hands.

Karate builds confidence in your children as they interact with others the same age.

Make sure to check out the rest of the site for full details on how to join. For more info such as location and contact check out the information page.

バイバイ in Japanese or Bye Bye in English.