St Teresas Karate Club

 Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell has been teaching Karate for over 30 years. He is a 3rd Dan Black Belt and a Full member of Ukasko.

Kevin has been training in Wado Ryu since 1980,  his training began with Oliver Brunton's N.I.K.W  after 16 years he left to join Ophir Karate. Over the years he has represented the Northern Ireland Wado Kai at European and world level Karate. As well as travelling to the old soviet block in 1994 he went to Japan to compete in the world  Karate championships held in the famous Budo Kan in Tokyo. He held the position of squad coach when the Northern Ireland Wado Kai lifted a bronze medal for the first time at world level.

He has taught Wado Ryu in various leisure centres throughout Belfast but was mainly based in the old Maysfield leisure centre.

He sat on the N.Ireland Karate Board(N.I.K.B) N.I Sports council for many years and was also a qualified  national Kumite & Kata judge.

He was the first Northern Ireland Squad member to take part in the British knockdown championships held at Crystal Palace in the mid-eighties and holds several international medals. He was on the Northern Ireland Wado Kai Karate squad during the late eighties on several occasions.

In 1990 Kevin was the first person to introduce to Northern Ireland the very popular Mac 1 Self defense course teaching it to several hundreds for both the BELB and Health Service.

While a strict traditionalist of the wado ryu system he has trained with the world's leading masters including Oghami Sensei, Shiomitsu Sensei, Sakagami Sensei, Professor Tatsou Suzuki, Arakawa Sensei as well as studing Jiu-Jitsu under professor Clarke.

Over the years Kevin has taught  from beginner level to produce European, British and all Ireland Karate Champions.

He presently teaches Breakaway techniques every year to over 500 health professionals for Queen's University Belfast.